Pretty Girl 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Pretty Girl Challenge Includes: 

This planner feels more like a life coach than a daily calendar. Its pointed questions and prompts help you to set goals and intentions to plan out the next 30 days.


Designed to start each day with the right heart position and gratitude. Joy comes from gratitude! Take some time for yourself and remember the simple joys & things to be thankful. You can also set your self-care goals, reflect on yesterday's accomplishments and declare your daily affirmations. This day belongs to you! and share your joy!Inside this softcover journal, you'll find daily sections to reflect on the following: DAILY GRATITUDE, REFLECTING ON YESTERDAY, TODAY'S SELF-CARE, GOALS, AFFIRMATIONS

Weight Loss Journal: Hyperlinked Fitness Journal for Goodnotes, Notability, Weight Loss Tracker, Fitness Planner, Wellness Check. 

This planner is designed with everything you need in a monthly format and helps with developing consistency in self-care, all while reaffirming who you are. Invest in yourself by prioritizing your self-care.