New Season's

New Season's

Pretty Ladies with Goals grab your signature PRETTY WITH GOALS Trucker Hat, hop on the Goal Digger 18-wheeler express.  Jesus took the wheel, and we are on our way to a season of accomplished goals, peace, and personal growth. 

All aboard, lets ride. 

Are you prepared or preparing for your new season? You might ask yourself, “How do you prepare?”. Or you may have been preparing and you are just waiting for God to let you off on your success stop. Either way congratulations ladies we are headed in the right direction.

I too am in a season of preparation and growth. I’ve learned the most important part of reaching goals and personal development, is your personal relationship with God. I tell people all the time, God is my business partner. Without my Faith in God and His Mercy on my life, I would not be where I am today. So many times, the devil wanted you to quit, wanted you to be defeated, BUT God kept His hands on us, and He never let go.

Through the depression, financial hardships, family and even the losses I took as a new business owner, God was always present. Making a way out no way, healing my wounds, dusting the dirt off my shoulder, and pushing me back out to complete HIS WILL. Can I get an AMEN?

Everyday we must put on the full amour of God as we step out into the world. Praying, Trusting, and consulting with the Most High God.

So not only do we need the amour of God, but we need to remind ourselves daily of where we are going and who’s driving this truck! When I wear my Pretty with Goals branded items, it is my constant reminder of my sole purpose on this earth. It keeps me motivated, joyous and bossy and stylish. I’m a hat girl, I can dress it up and dress it down, its flexible and convenient. Today I put on my PWG Trucker Hat, Pretty with Goals Hoops and socks, with the Pretty with Goals Set!!!! Oh, and its ON BABY! I’m ready to take over the world. I’m ready to accomplish my goals and I look good and feel good doing it. That’s how I want my customers to feel from the moment they place their orders, to the moment the package arrives at her door. Most importantly Gods will be done.

Buckle up your seatbelts, stay Pretty with Goals, Passion, Faith, Style and Grace.




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